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Diet Statistics for Weight Loss

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Weight Loss Projections

View how much weight you could lose by a future holiday. Your weight loss projections can be based on your Total Weight Loss, Today's Estimated Weight Loss or your Estimated Weight Loss since your last weigh in.

These different samples ensure that you will always have a good idea of how much weight you could lose by a future holiday based on different scenarios.

Full Nutrition Facts

View your total Calorie Intake and TDEE all within one page. This page also displays your full food journal log with all nutrient total and target values. See how this information is calculated and converted into your final calorie balance for this day's Estimated Weight Loss.

Weight Loss Charts

Visualize your Calorie Burn vs. your Calorie Intake for today or through this last week within a bar chart. This will help you see where you can improve and stay on track.

Also viewable is your Micronutrient Ratios for the day or taken as an average over the last week within a pie chart. See your Fat, Carbohydrate and Protein calorie intake ratios.

Diet Quick Statistics

Comprehensive dietary information, specially tailored to your diet that will allow you to see where you are in your current daily and overall weight loss goals. Other statistics include your current BMI, BMR, your next weigh in date, total weight loss, and an Estimated Weight Loss since last weigh in.

Your EWL will give you an idea of where you stand if you cannot get to a scale.

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Daily Adjustment

Matthews Calorie Counter can give you Estimated Weight Loss Calculations. Daily Adjustment allows for a more accurate measurement of your EWL.

Estimated Weight Loss

We can calculate a EWL of how many pounds you gained or lost each day, and since your last weigh in. Your EWL will give you an idea of where you stand if you cannot get to a scale.

Personal Food Library

Everyone with a new account starts with the most basic foods in their Personal Food Library. You can then build a custom food library that fits your lifestyle.

Weigh In Chart

Our Weigh In chart will give you an overall picture of your weight loss at each weigh in date. This will allow you to visualize your diet trends and overall progress.

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